Leader in intelligent industrial automation

We design and build innovative, AI-enhanced automation systems for industrial production, transportation, civil infrastructure, and security.


Under-Vehicle Scanner

Detect bombs, contraband and other hidden anomalies using modern technology before they become a serious problem.

Structural Integrity Monitoring

Discover structural and statics problems in critical infrastructure before a failure or a collapse cause a tragic event.

Smart Parking System

Give your customers modern parking experience with realtime tracking, video and accounting services directly from a phone app.

Intelligent Video Monitoring

Monitor and secure airports, train stations or other public areas with intelligent video utilizing analytics and neural networks.
Track Inspection

Automated Track Inspection

Use the latest in machine vision and AI technology to automatically inspect your tracks for defects.
Car Inspection

Automated Production Line Inspection

Automate your production line, increase throughput and reduce human error using artificial intelligence.

Surface and Shape Inspection

Monitor and inspect production quality of hot or cold rolled product using lasers and AI down to 20 microns.

Oil Battery Monitoring

Keep an eye on your product and monitor the status of your batteries remotely preventing theft, fraud and environmental problems.

Software Architecture

We will help you understand your product needs and analyze your requirements to architect a tailored software solution. Our process is designed to solicit requirements from all relevant stakeholders to create delicately balanced solution with quality, fault-tolerance, scalability, extensibility, availability and maintainability in mind. A core deliverable stemming from these efforts is detailed product requirements document.

Software Engineering

We will guide you through the convoluted software development life cycle from architecture all the way to maintenance. We have multi-decade experience with several major as well as obscure programming languages which enables us to convert your product requirements into code efficiently. We will help you with implementing your newly developed application as well as continuous maintenance.

Hardware Architecture

Designing functional and robust hardware is not easy. We will gather your requirements and design a cost-effective solution utilizing industry best practices and standards. We go through rigorous prototyping and testing period validating our design's adherence to requirements and specifications before sign-off and fabrication of printed circuit boards. We will also populate your boards and deliver a turnkey solution with bundled software.

Reverse Engineering

Whether it is software or hardware, we can likely reverse engineer it. There are several scenarios for which reverse engineering can be of a benefit to you: interfacing with 3rd party system, reviving and modernizing obsolete solutions, security analysis or bug-fixing of your existing solution. You give us a black box and we will tell you what makes it tick and if there is a way to improve it.